Marine monitoring programmes in the EU are insufficient, finds the European Commission

Le 16 03 2017

Over 200 marine monitoring programmes are being carried on across the EU to measure the quality of the marine environment and to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy measures taken by the EU member states. However, a recent evaluation led by the European Commission shows that “those data collection efforts fail to cover some key problems, such as marine litter and noise pollution”.

In detail, the evaluation points out the slow pace of most projects: the majority will not be operational 2018 whereas 2020 was defined as a deadline to restore the good environmental status of Europe’s seas. Otherwise, the monitoring programmes tend to be a mere compilation of existing data collection systems. Crucial issues such as marine litter, marine invasive alien species and underwater noise are too little researched on. In conclusion, member states should hurry the implementation of national programmes and commit more tools, funds and imagination to meet EU’s necessary objectives.

SYSTEA wins the Nutrient Sensor Challenge

Le 07 03 2017

SYSTEA, one of the partners cooperating on our SMS research project, was awarded as winner for Best Overall Performance of the Nutrient Sensor Challenge organised by the Alliance of Coastal Technologies. The companies’ technology was praised as a cost-effective, commercially available solution for measuring both nitrate and phosphate in an integrated package.

Nutrient sensors help detect marine pollution in an early stage. By doing so, it contributes to the protection, preservation and restoration of aquatic environments. The Nutrient Sensor Challenge was brought to life in 2014 to accelerate the development of affordable, accurate and reliable sensors.

More information about the award-winning technology can be found on SYSTEA’s website:
More information about the Nutrient Sensor Challenge can be found here:

SMS at Oceanology International in the U.S.A.

Le 16 02 2017

On 14-16 February 2017, our partner SYSTEA is attending Oceanology International North America exhibition in San Diego (California), to launch on the American market our WIZ in-situ nutrient probe.


Ocean Governance and Blue Data in the EU Parliament!

Le 15 02 2017

SMS attended two very interesting events in the EU Parliament on Blue Science, Marine Data and Ocean Governance. Time to discuss water quality monitoring in order to ensure blue growth and a healthy ocean !

During the discussions, the European Commission noted that "national authorities have been conducted stress tests who led to the conclusions that the EU needed better quality data." It was also stressed that standardisation of data is also called for, since no product can be developed without data that are commonly used.

MEP Ricardo Serrão Santos also recalled that “the balance between encouraging economic growth in the ocean and nurturing the health of ocean ecosystems will be a complex mission. Without good science, blue growth can turn on wrong pathways." 

The discussion also emphasised the value of interactions and interdisciplinarity to face global challenges, and the need to progress toward a forum which empowers scientific communities worldwide. Interdisciplinary cooperation is exactly what SMS implemented.

Read more about the conference "Towards a EU Strategy for Coastal Mapping" organised by the Seas and Coastal Areas Intergroup here:…/towards-a-eu-strategy-for-coastal-m…

and about "Blue Science for Blue Growth" organised by EuroMarine here:…/blue-science-blue-growth


SMS 3rd annual meeting in France

Le 13 12 2016

The 3rd SMS Annual Meeting was held on November 17-18 2016 in Banuyls, France and was hosted by Microbia Environnement.

The goals of the meeting were to:
1. Assess the progress made by the porject in terms of biosensors development, preconcentration and sampling unit development, field testing and explotiations of the project's results
2. Identify possible challenges and discuss contengency plans to overcome these challenges
3. Adress the next steps and the project's future

The meeting was attended by Dr. Amara Gunatilaka as external expert. He assessed the project's work and exposed his adivice and suggestions.




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